Costume History

A master list of (almost) every costume I’ve ever worked on. *****This has work from when I very first started sewing, to the present.  Keep that in mind as some of my earlier/first costumes are not up to my current standards (PLEASE see my portfolio for costumes I consider “professionally” made).  Also, some costumes shown may be incomplete (certain ones I worked on as a stitcher, but not a seamstress for the final project)***** This page is not intended as a portfolio — it’s for archival & personal purposes only.

Dressing Gowns

The_Dressing_Gown_by_QAZklh copy   Christine_Stage_Dressing_Gown2_by_QAZklh      4403084321167      3070498927365  il_570xN.322793303         tumblr_mxwo51A6591rpb2sao7_1280

Star Princesses

1633428121493      IMAG4807-2

Other Phantom Costumes

100_9554   10200267407673763     tumblr_mubuemM4oS1rpb2sao2_400   IMG_9744   tumblr_msilq48o5z1qa3f3ro1_500   1633428041491   Screen Shot 2014-05-27 at 12.57.45 AM   10200768972892580   2539507932922   3193591564604   Wishing_Front_Flash_0210200166408348843   10200267401473608   donjuan9   1500977930321   IMAG0810      

Historically-Based Clothing

blue04   IMG_9996   1975907523264   2954633870811   10201036616583505

White_Corset_by_QAZklh   Black_Corset_by_QAZklh


Modern Clothing, Historically-Inspired Costumes, & Evening Wear

IMG_10270 copy            553249_10200267426474233_520327043_n   IMG_7221   Plus-size top

Sweeney Todd Costumes


Once Upon a Time Costumes